The Power of the Pastel – SS14 Trend

 If you’ve been flicking through fashion magazines or browsing blog posts of Fashion Week like I have, you’ll know all about a major trend for Spring/Summer 2014: Pastel. Its a trend that looks flawless when carried well; it fits all body and skin types if you adapt it right. Pastels have a gorgeous, summery feel and are perfect for a preppy playsuit or a floaty summer dress. Here I have collected some styles, some various ways of wearing pastels and some tips and ideas for styling. Have fun!


 Afraid your outfit is too bridesmaid? Tone it down with a nude or beige accessory, such as this rock n roll pale leather jacket from French Connection. Or pair with a denim jacket which combines styles effortlessly. A pastel dress (try a lace or floral one to hit some more of this season’s trends in one go) is great teamed with a grungey jacket, whether classic black or pale like the one pictured below, and some glossy black boots.





Don’t be afraid to combine colours. The below ensemble is a perfect example of mint green and lavender blending beautifully. If you want to match colours, just stick to a regular colour wheel in your head of complimentary colours. (I’ll throw in a pale-colour one at the bottom for reference). That’s your purple and your yellow, your blue and your orange, etc. However, don’t be afraid to be a little bold with your colour pairings. Personally, pastel palettes provide a range of combinations that despite not being the ideal colour combo, fit smoothly and elegantly into an outfit.

Inject bright colour into your pastel outfits; pair mint green with red, powder blue with a shock of orange. Or make like these catwalk models, who’s outfits team pretty florals and lace with vibrant coloured shoes for an adventurous, daring look. A pop of colour lifts you away from being too Princess-esque and into a more striking area.

On the catwalk, there’s a lot of sheer pastels being teamed with the opaque kind. They add a bolder element and a refreshing, updated feel to the pastel look. Pastels have been around for a long time, and we’ve all probably been wearing some kind or another since we were little. But that doesn’t mean we can’t modernise and utilise the look for endless possibilities; fashion never bores of injecting life into old styles. And neither do we. I love pretty sheer pastel shirts; they look so refreshing and stunning. Whether its see-through lace, transparent mesh or clear silk, they look effortless and stylish, and can be teamed with a range of accessories and accompanying style pieces. They look lovely with a midi skirt in a block pastel colour or a similarly adorned blazer, and some striking bright shoes and a pale beige clutch.



Pastel pink skirts are legendary, really. You have your long, floaty Princess skirts or shorter, to-the-knee versatile skirts. I think a long skirt teamed with a brightly printed crop top or black bandeau combines styles for a wistful, wild, eye catching looks. A shorter, tighter skirt looks really good with a blue jumper, especially if it hints tangerine tones in there, too. A skirt that type can be updated if you find a pastel PVC version, especially with a lace or crochet top.  Or you can go classic and pair with an elegant, pale shirt or blouse for a timeless look-this looks great with a statement necklace, too.


dress maxi skirt maxi dress boho light pink skirt pink maxi skirt pink skirt clothes skirt light pink nude pink


Team your pastel outfit with white. I love how a single white garment can add a fresh, crisp tone and pulls your outfit together. I recommend a stylish, simple white blazer; it goes beautifully with any colour scheme, particularly lavenders or blues. They give off a sophisticated air, but really, white is so versatile you can mould it to fit any way you want. However you choose to style a white piece in, they scream style and sophistication, they clamour for other people to notice your elegant, ladylike fashion.
I really like a plain old pastel dress. Teamed with neon coloured sandals and some pale accessories, they look dazzling. There’s a pastel tone out there for all of us, whether its lemon yellow, lilac, powder blue, princess pink, tangerine or mint green like the first below dress. The second dress hints at 1950’s style with the pleated skirt, pretty-girl lace and girly colour. The third dress is a more updated take on that look with a gorgeous pale green colour and an intriguing pattern that makes the dress a little more interesting. The fourth dress holds both the classicly girly lace dress style, combined with the ever-popular, sassy slip of skin at the back. These dresses look gorgeous with block coloured heels and a pale blazer or jacket.  Pastels can be subtle, or simple, or sweet, or even sexy. You can form the basis of any style, of any ensemble, with a few choice pieces. No wonder they’re a brilliant staple in the SS14 catwalk, a bit of colour (albeit pastel colour) injected into the world of high fashion this year.
Someone from Your Pastel Dress - Mint, Solid, Lace, Pleats, Party, A-line, Tank top (2 thick straps), Short, Wedding, Fairytale, Pastel, Sheer, Bridesmaid
So what have we learnt? Well, readers, I hope you have realised the Power of the Pastel, and I hope you’re itching to buy yourself a silky tangerine top and a blue skirt to tuck it into, or a floaty summer dress, after scanning this post. I know I’m desperate to rummage for some pale staples in the back of my wardrobe and spice them up to give them that ever-gorgeous SS14 kick. Happy shopping, and don’t forget that if you feel inspired you can tag us in your outfits at @ukurbanglamour for Twitter or @urbanglamouruk for Instagram, we’d love to see them!
Below is the aforementioned pastel palette. Don’t be afraid to step outside the safe zone boundaries!
Stay fabulous,
Ava xx