How To Wear White

Ah, white. The classic summer look of floaty white dresses is probably the first one that pops into your mind when you think of summer fashion. But how do you wear it to look like a Grecian goddess rather than washed out or wedding dress? Worn correctly, a white outfit can be glorious. White is so versatile; you can be glamorous, or dainty, or innocent or striking in white. The possibilities are quite unfeasibly endless.

Here are some different ways of wearing white to perfect the ideal look.





1. Monochrome

A timeless look. Black on white never really goes out of fashion, and anyone can make it work for them by picking the right prints and styles to flatter themselves. Try a black and white printed silk shirt with tight fitting trousers or shorts for a dress up or dress down go to. Any combination of black and white tends to work for simple but striking style. Try a black shirt tucked into a long white skirt; or s white shirt with long black trousers.


2. All In White (well. Not really)

The white dress. The most idyllic though perhaps the hardest. There are a million different types; sleek tight minidresses, floaty shift dresses, lacey long skirted dresses, and so many more. First off, do not aim to create an all white ensemble . This washes out the pale of us, and makes even  those with glowing skin look a bit overdone. White or silver high heels do work with a white dress but don’t team it with a white coat or handbag; you’ll look frankly quite silly. However, that said, an all in white look is creatable, but I’ll get to that later.   Add a splash of colour. Some quirky bangles, a pretty pashmina draped over the shoulders or a bright clutch bag. These lovely accessories make a piece of clothing into an outfit.

3. Rock chic

A leather jacket is an item of clothing that bonds other pieces together to create an outfit. Throw one on over a pretty detailed white top, add a cute miniskirt-tartan for old school, or try a more adventurous material like taffeta, silk, sequins or metallics to add an updated vibe.


4. Classy

White to the office lifts the dreary work place from just that to a summery, can’t wait for the break atmosphere. Some of the classiest, cutest items of office worthy clothing include pencil skirts, shirts or blazers, all of which look enviable in white. A white peplum-finished blazers looks beautiful with a shirt in pastel colours such as peach, lilac or pale pink, and teamed with a complimentary knee skirt. Pencil skirts in white always look wonderful with bright colours like violet, claret, electric blue or even, if you’ve feeling bold, gold. I love a skirt like the above Kim Kardashian one for a look like this.

5. Demure

Try a detailed little top with a white skirt and ballet flats


6. Block colours
Try a pretty peplum in white-very figure flattering-teamed
with a block coloured skirt for effortless couture. Most colours go well with white, really. Navy for a sensible but nautical feel. Gold for a timeless effortless look. Turquoise for a stunning and universally flattering style. This pink look is positively girly yet grown up, and I love the pattern of the skirt. White smooths out your outfit and makes most items seem more elegant, take for example a jumper. Paired with the right pretty white skirt like in the pink ensemble, it looks ladylike and lovely.

7. Accessories




8. Textures
With a nod to the 60s, textured fabrics are way back in. A cut out top with a thick nylon fabric looks daring and. A textured miniskirt with a loose top looks elegant, and the look is easy to create. Topshop do a lot of textured clothing, and their items are good as they usual don’t make you look like you’re wearing kitchen roll as a dress which unfortunately can happen. Avoid two pieces of interesting fabrics together, though. Don’t team a textured item with satin or crepe; you’ll overdo the look.

9. The White Skirt

Personally, I adore a floaty, knee length white skirt. They never go out of fashion. Paired with a slightly cropped button sleeveless shirt and a headband and top knot, it gives an updated look reminiscent of the 1950’s. Style with a 90’s style bralet and ballet flats or glittery heels for a more dressed up look, and add a voluminous, teased back textured hair and eyeliner.

Choose the right white for you. Different skin tones look better with different shades, and eye colour, hair colour and body shape tend to have an effect, too. For example, paler skinned people, specifically those with more red undertones, tend to suit crisp whites, and those with dark skin suit creams or ivorys, slightly duller whites. Albeit, those with more tanned or glowing skin tend to get away with white easier, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.
  All white outfits aren’t actually too hard to pull off. Just pick out a dress you like, or an outfit that goes well together and pair with some accentuating simple white accessories, like an iconic floppy hat, a clutch bag or some retro white shades.


“The beauty of …

“The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It’s the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows & the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years.”
— Audrey Hepburn

Brilliant Braids. Pretty Plaits

Hello Readers,

Here I have compiled a some ‘snazzy’ plaits/braids that I really want to try out (but my hair isn’t quite long enough yet).



Image                                                 ImageImage

I really like all these styles as they are well balanced and very cute. If you have any ideas and other styles you would like to share comment below.

Later I will add more for different styles i.e. straight hair, curly hair ect.

Until next time,

Hannah xxxx



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